Just like clothing, food has fashion and trends!

One hot and healthy trend right now is “seasonal eating”.

Eating seasonal fruits and vegetables may not be a big deal for you because nowadays you can find almost any and all produce in the supermarket all year long.

But, do you remember biology class or you're kid's planting seeds at school in the spring that proved how plants have their own cycles at which they grow at their best?

That's why sunflowers and roses are quite cheap during summer and a bit pricey during winter.  And no, it's not just because of Valentine's Day.  It's a seasonal thing and the same goes with fruits and vegetables.

Fruits and Vegetables have their season!

In season equals the freshest taste and the best buys.  It's just supply and demand and you should take advantage, jump on that trend… to benefit from the fresh taste and money savings!

Produce that is in season not only tastes better but is higher in nutrients with an abundant supply of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that can help boost your metabolism, strengthen your immune system, and improve your overall health.

So when you buy seasonal produce not only do you save money and support local farmers, but you're also buying the freshest better tasting veggies your kid's will want to eat!

Summer is the sweetest!

Think of how sweet a summer strawberry is when you pick it up, look at it's red ripe color, take a bite and the juice hits your tongue.  WOW!

Just writing about it makes my mouth water.  Isn't you're mouth watering right now?!

Now, think about having a strawberry in the winter.  It usually comes on top of a chocolate cake or some dessert. Right?

Ok, good but… did you remember the taste and flavor of the actual strawberry or is it the sugar taste that you remember and it just overpowered the not so vibrant taste of the strawberry?

Which was healthier in that visualization?  Which strawberry would you like better?

SUMMER Strawberries for sure!

See, your brain is naturally helping you make healthy choices all the time and you don't even know it!

Use this visualization, my psychology of eating tip, to make healthier choices.

Buy fruits and vegetables that are in season and you will train your brain and your tastebuds to want the finest things in life.

Kind of like those fashion trends on the runway but with healthy food!

WIN WIN for your family's health and your pocket book!

Summer comes and goes way too fast, but you still have time to buy the healthiest produce out there.  Just use our “What's In Season for Summer” shopping list we made just for YOU!

 Wanna know what else is a HOT never-ending trend to get your family eating healthier fast?

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