Baby it's cold outside!

Here's a Family Friday Recipe for you to enjoy by the fireplace together every night until Christmas!

This Quick Rich Hot Chocolate Recipe will help your kids sleep better because it is a healthy swap to the hot chocolate they are having right now.  This one is low in sugar, rich in taste and has a gut healthy digestive aid.

And if you have ever contemplated or joked about the RICH and famous always turning to Botox and collagen injections for a QUICK anti-aging treatment, this recipe contains just that for you but in a natural form!

This recipe is a healthy swap for hot chocolate and a healthy swap for botox!

This Hot Chocolate not only contains a superfood, cacao, but it also contains a secret ingredient that makes this hot chocolate RICH in health benefits to help your:

-wrinkles and more!

Regular, Sugar Loaded, Highly Processed, Non-Organic Dairy Filled Hot Chocolate you would by at a coffee shop or in a ready made packet basically causes the opposite effects: digestive issues, hyperactivity, weight loss resistance, inflammation and is AGING.

The Secret ingredient in this Quick Rich Hot Chocolate is collagen.  Collagen protein from pasture-raised, grass fed, hormone and antibiotic free cows and THIS IS nature's botox!

Quick Rich Hot Chocolate Recipe:

Whisk and heat until slightly frothy and very warm.

Organic Raw 100% Cacao powder is a superfood that has fiber, iron, magnesium, potassium and antioxidant benefits.

We like Navitas Natural Brand from Amazon, Whole Foods Market, Mother's Market, and the new Thrive Market online and you can check it out here:

We tried the Bulletproof Chocolate Powder for this recipe today and loved it.  Note, I have tried a generic type brand of organic cacao and I did not like the low quality taste.

Collagen is a a gluten free and dairy free source of protein from cows that will help lubricate your gut lining and joints, hydrates your skin to helps tighten and tone your skin including things like wrinkles and cellulite.  Collagen aids in tissue repair that usually happens at night when you sleep so this helps with better sleep, muscle recovery, brain health and anti-aging.

We like Bulletproof Collagen and it is the only one we have used.

How else can you get more of this gut and digestive healing, nature's botox into your diet?

Bulletproof Collagen is tasteless and dilutes well when you mix it into food or drinks so you can add a tablespoon into your smoothie, chia pudding, soups or desserts.

Want more info on the science behind and the benefits of collagen, check out the Bulletproof Exec's video here:  You can also learn more about the Bulletproof Diet by reading this article.

Drink Up and BE Merry!

Share this recipe and comment below on what you thought of this QUICK RICH Chocolate Recipe.

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