Gluten Sensitivity 101

How to Recognize, and Actually Reverse, Gluten Sensitivity Symptoms

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Being gluten free seems to be all the rage nowadays!  And, why shouldn't it be?  Never has there been a greater prominence of processed and nutritionally-poor food than there is today.  Physical activity, especially that of children, has never been lower.  Obesity in the general population has never been higher.  And, for the 1st time in history, parents are statistically outliving their children due to health-related illnesses!.

Fortunately, this could all be reversed with a focus on REAL FOOD!  So for those individuals who are intent on living a healthy lifestyle and teaching their children to do the same, they will have undoubtedly come across the benefits of living a gluten-free lifestyle.

WHY?…Because gluten consumption wreaks havoc on one's body.

Since gluten cannot be digested by humans, our immune system will jump into action at the presence of gluten in our body  and alert an army of antibodies to go and attack the gluten peptides.  It is this elevated level of antibodies that creates the inflammation that then manifests the symptoms that we have come to associate with gluten sensitivity or intolerance or allergies.

Why Considering a Gluten Free Lifestyle is Smart For Everyone

If you are experiencing daily symptoms such as headaches, digestive issues, skin breakouts or rashes, lack of mental focus or clarity, hyperactivity, fatigue, obesity, etc…, then it should be clear to you that, in many ways, those ailments are affecting your life.

Your happiness, your excitement to tackle each day, your functional fitness, your personal and professional capabilities, your relationship-building time with your spouse and children…ALL fall victim to the effects of gluten on your body!

So, if you believe this, and you should, then you should also believe that eating gluten on a regular basis, or even in a minuscule amount for some, is a major contributing factor to these symptoms.

The question to ask yourself then, is “Why would you continue to eat gluten if  the root of that which limits your capabilities is largely a result of eating gluten?”  This is analogous to continuing to place your hand in boiling water knowing full well that the longer your hand sits in the boiling water, the more severe your hand will become burned.

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Getting Started: Recognize the Symptoms…

…And Incorporate a Gluten-Free Lifestyle While Avoiding the Pitfalls That Cause Most to Fail

No More Gluten!

Are you experiencing gluten sensitivities?  Are you ready to reverse those symptoms?  If you are ready, then read the articles below for insight and information that can help you to get on the right track to reversing your gluten sensitivity symptoms:

1. How To Avoid Gluten Sensitivity Symptoms

Understanding the ways in which gluten sensitivities manifest themselves in your body will better prepare you to identify whether or not you have gluten intolerance symptoms.  Read below for 8 common ways that gluten shows itself:

2. Top 5 Things You Didn't Know About Gluten

Gluten has been scientifically and clinically attributed to many diseases and ailments.  See below for the top 5 things that you may not have thought to associate with Gluten:

3.  Gluten Summit Day 1

Gluten should be taken seriously when considering your health.  It's negative impact is powerful on the heart, brain and cardiovascular system.  Our summary of the 1st day of the World's First Online Gluten Summit can inform you not only on the negative impact but also on setting yourself up for a smooth lifestyle transition upon being diagnosed with a gluten intolerance:

4.  Gluten Summit Day 2

Want to learn some of the more specific things that gluten does to your body?  Read the recap of the 2nd day of the World's First Online Gluten Summit below to understand why a healthy gut is important, the surprising ways that gluten affects a child's health, and how the right diet can address symptoms throughout the body:

And there's more to come…

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