Podcasts are a great 1st step to diving deep into a topic.

Don't have time to read blog posts and want to just listen to your holistic health and wellness news on your electronic device while you are in the car, at home, exercising or just anywhere?  Then iTunes radio is where it's at for you! And it's FREE.

Michael Ortiz and Sean Croxton
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Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness and Michael Ortiz from Family For Health.

This is how we started learning and helping our family get healthier faster.  We listened to Sean Croxton at Underground Wellness.  He was the first podcast we listened to and we fondly say that he is our Family For Health Godfather because we learned, and continue to learn, so much from him.  At the time of this post, UW is #1 on iTunes Fitness & Nutrition podcast category.  You too can listen and learn for free  here.

We were on Sean's UW podcast show as a family during a podcast interview with JJ Virgin.  Click here to access the podcast and be sure to fast forward to timestamp 21:11 to listen to us as we call in to speak with JJ Virgin as she helped our food allergy-ridden family with delicious food swap ideas and recipes from her The Virgin Diet book and accompanying The Virgin Diet Cookbook.  We also had the opportunity to ask her a question on sugar regarding the glycemic index vs glycemic load.  Back then she shared with us what was the beginning of her new book The Sugar Impact Diet which is scheduled to release in early November.  By the way, we have an advanced copy of the book and will be reviewing it soon…Stay tuned!

This was like a free consultation from a Celebrity Nutrition & Fitness Expert who charges thousands of dollars per hour and we received her advice for free!  You can have Free resources to call in like this too!

These podcasts not only give you fantastic information but they can be entertaining and some even take your questions.  We have been fortunate enough to also ask questions of the incredible business coach…Marie Forleo at UG Wellness here.  Again, thousands of dollars saved and access to an incredible resource who helped us fuel the start of this blog on this call here. Check out timestamp 28:20 and again at 51:05 to listen to us on the air.

Again, an invaluable FREE resources you can immediately benefit from.  We have so many other favorite podcasts like: Bulletproof Exec, Abel James, Tim Ferris, and the list goes on an on….  You get the idea and you can go to iTunes and find your favorite!

Listening to podcasts is an easy, informative and entertaining way to dive deep into your topic of choice.  It is especially awesome if you find yourself driving in traffic a lot.   Stay tuned as Family For Health is preparing to launch our own podcast to continue to help busy families get healthier fast.

Podcast any where, any time!

Another great thing about these internet podcasts is that you can also host or participate in them from any internet connection.  We happened to be on a family vacation in Maui, Hawaii when we guest-hosted a podcast for our friend Evelyne Lambrecht of Elevate your Energy.  Visit Evelyne's website for your free guide 5 Days to More Energy for the Life You Want.

The episode is 47 minutes of great content where Michael and I interviewed Dr. Nicole Beurkens on “Solving Child Behavior Problems One Meal at a Time with Dr. Nicole Beurkens“.  Dr. Beurkens has a free download identifying a list of questions you should consider prior to medicating your child for behavioral challenges.  Download your free PDF on what you need to know to be a better informed parent when it comes to treating your child for behavioral issues at “WAIT! Before You Medicate…

During our interview, Dr. Beurkens shared with us amazingly practical tips for families to get started on incorporating healthy behaviors into their household to make lasting health changes, not just for the child with behavior issues, but also for the entire family.  Be sure to listen to her comments at timestamp 28:45, to see just how simple it can start.  You'll be ready to start the change with your next family meal!  

We had so much fun recording this podcast with Dr. Beurkens and look forward to hosting and participating in more podcasts in the future.  Please share with your friend or family member who would appreciate hearing some practical tips from an expert in the child behavioral issues without the automatic use of medication.

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