Chili dogs, barbecue, burgers: those are some classic Super Bowl ideas.

Who's ever heard of crab claws while you cheer on your favorite team? What a mess!

Well, that's what you get when you go to a super bowl party with our friend, seafood expert Jeff Moore; but without the mess. Read till the end to find out how! What ever your family is eating this Super Bowl Sunday; this is a must see video below.

On this Family Friday, we are starting the super bowl weekend. You all have chili dogs on your mind and, now, crab claws too!

Super Bowl snacks are very forgiving when manners come in to play. You chip, you dip and if you lick a finger or two no one really notices because everyone's eyes are glued to the game or the commercials. If they aren't, they're probably too busy tackling the big spread of snacks with you.

So why is it, when it comes to eating crab claws it seems like all eyes are on you!? It doesn't matter if you are at a Super Bowl party or at a fancy restaurant. For some reason, the entire room stops and everyone looks at you. It feels like you and your food are taking the field waving at an entire stadium! One CRACK and you're covered in butter and juice; or worse it doesn't crack at all: touchdown crab claws!

You catch the replay in your mind and know that everyone is thinking: “I can't believe she picked the crab claw! I would have never made that play! Oh, I gotta see this Hail Mary pass; total fumble.”

Just because you think people are saying things, you might just stay away from “the claw” because it's too scary. You just don't know exactly how to eat these things. There's no grace or manners and you can't get a good bite without just breaking your teeth or having it slip out of your hands like a peewee player in the big leagues.

You no longer have to bench the best snack; go for “the claw!”

We have for you, today, a local Orange County friend and seafood expert, Jeff Moore owner of Wild Things Seafood, to give you a play-by-play. You will be shocked how simple it is to eat a snow crab cocktail claw.

Did you watch how easy that was!? There is no slow-motion replay needed. You will want to hit SHARE on this video now and SCORE some extra points with your family friends. They will thank you for this awesome tip and you will be MVP of the Super Bowl; well at least of the Super Bowl party! 🙂

Looks like we are going into over time! Here is a BONUS for you:

Wild Things Seafood and Family For Health
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You can get any of Jeff's “Lean, mean, and clean protein” delivered right to your door. Jeff sells only the highest quality lean and clean proteins at affordable prices. Go to his site and you will find wild caught; organic and pasture raised; grass fed; and all kinds of WOW! Go, enjoy, and SCORE some of these products for yourself here:

We'll be thinking of you at the big game while we eat our crab claws with ease. We will be training for a Team Huddle with Jeff Moore and his family at the Super Bowl Party! I can't wait to come back and share what other deliciously healthy food tips he gives us.

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And, if you want some further inspiration for your Superbowl party, be sure to check out our article 8 Tips to Tackle Superbowl Food Head-On.


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