Cold-Pressed Juice for an Immune Boost!

We've all heard about it.  We even see people driving their cars, or walking around with it in fancy glass jars (that are really just mason jars with handles 😉 or cool insulated stainless steel cups (like our favorite Klean Kanteen.)

What am I referring to?…fancy juices, or more appropriately, cold-pressed juice.  Look around as you're driving through town and you'll probably see cool looking juice bars popping up.

Cold Pressed Juices have been around for several years, but they seem to have really taken off during the last 18-months.  So what is cold pressed juice?  Cold pressed juice is juice that has been extracted from fruits and vegetables through a process of applying just the right amount of pressure via hydraulic presses.  Creating cold pressed juice is a precise blend of science and art.  In applying hydraulic pressure, there is minimal air and heat present in the environment and therefore very little oxidation that impacts the fruit and vegetables.  Not only does this process extract as much of the nutrients and minerals from the fruits and vegetables, i.e. the good stuff, but with little to no oxidation, the extracted juice can then keep for 3-4 days.

We find drinking cold-pressed juice to be very satisfying to our bodies so, when we have a chance, we stop in for a juice.  We've gone to a few different ones, but our favorite juice shop is at the Circle of Orange.  The Growl Juice Pub is one of the latest new additions to Oldtown Orange.  Highly recommend it as they use 100% raw organic ingredients!  The staff is awesome – friendly, young, knowlegable and health-conscience college students really make it a fun process.  In addition to cold-pressed juice extractions, they will also make up some tasty smoothies made of both fruits, veggies or just plain greens, which is my favorite.

They also have, what they call Elixirs.  Made with ingredients like wheat grass, lemon, ginger, cayenne pepper and oil of oregano, these 3oz elixirs serve a serious immune punch!  If you're feeling like you're catching a little something, or need some extra energy, you've gotta go try one of these!

Now, as good as cold-pressed juices are, they are expensive, so if you get addicted to it, you may need to create a new budget line item and call it, perhaps, “immune-building expenses”.

We are addicted, but since we have 2 juicers at home, one a VitaMix and one a Jack LaLaine (RIP), we had to experiment with our own.

Below, you will find a recipe for our own elixir.  Granted, it is not  cold-pressed, so we needed to drink it within the day.  Not a problem, however, because it was soooo good!  Here's the very simple recipe for our Morning Shots, Shot, Shots!

Morning Shots, Shot, Shots!


1. A Juicer

2. A measuring cup to collect the extracted juice


1. Organic, non-GMO Pineapple

2. Organic, non-GMO Ginger

3. Organic Cayenne pepper


1.  Slice Ginger and throw it into the juicer and juice until you have about 2 oz extracted juice.

2. Peel pineapple and juice in blender until you extract about 4 oz of juice.

3. Mix the extract and pour into shot glasses and sprinkle cayenne pepper.

4.  Enjoy and BE HEALTHY!


PS- These SPICY Shots are not for the weak but it will help naturally jolt your energy, boost your immune system and detox you fast from some of those other shots parents just have to take sometimes 😉

Do you know anyone who has a juicer and is looking for a great Immune boosting recipe, then please share this article with them?  If you have a juice, try this recipe and let us know what you think?  Did you make any changes to the recipe?  Please share if so.

Enjoy this article?...Pay it Forward in Health!
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