Packing school lunches can sometimes seem like the biggest chore.

I know, you actually dread it sometimes. And weekends can’t come soon enough when you don’t have to wake up and pack a lunch

I remember the days when my world turned upside down because I had to pack lunch for my daughter with allergies.

I admit, I used plastic zippered bags in every size from snack to sandwich and even gallon sometimes, if the lunch box was too gross with spills to send to school.

Then I always crossed my fingers that she would eat her lunch and it would not be so messy because I just rushed packing it.

Packing healthy lunches for children isn't always easy.

Good nutrition for children is important for growth and development.  It is a well known fact that children who eat a well balanced diet have an improved concentration and ability to learn. They need a range of foods every day to meet their nutritional requirements for good health and growth.

So how to quickly can you pack a healthy school lunch that your kids will like and eat is a challenging task  – even for the most creative Moms!

I discovered Planetbox

Planetbox is chemical free, stainless steel, and last for YEARS. {Ours is 3 years old!}

Packing lunches has never been easier or healthier than with Planetbox.

This lunch box bento box looks just like the school lunch tray but with super healthy, organic, and gluten free REAL FOOD for kids.

Kids with healthy food, gluten allergies or allergies of any kind don't want to stand out as an odd ball, so make their school lunch tray an even cooler version {and healthier} than what's served at school.

Our Planetbox in the picture above is almost 3 years old now and looks like NEW.

Plus, this lunchbox creates a balanced meal for you and your kids because you have the sections ready for you to fill with a variety of healthy foods.  No shoving junk food into plastic bags that are a waste on the environment and a toxic waste on your child's body.

Fill your bento box, Planetbox, with colorful fruits and veggies that will be visually enticing for kids to eat!

Kid Participation

You can also encourage your kids to to help choose and prepare their own healthy lunch.  Or they might like to make a list of the foods they enjoy. Children who help choose and prepare their own lunch are more likely to eat it.

You're spending extra time packing your kid's lunch because anyone can hand a kid a dollar or two to buy lunch, but make sure that the food is stored in a non-toxic container like this one because chemicals leeching into your kid's food is also toxic.

Want more info on How to Detox Your Kid's Lunchbox, the safest lunchbox products to use and why… it's available right HERE for you.

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