You are worth more than a $4 MILLION+ Super Bowl Commercial… You are priceless!

It's the Mommy Monday after Super Bowl Sunday and I have a gift box for you mommies because you are worth it!  After watching commercials costing over $4 million dollars, remember that YOU are worth WAY MORE than that.

You probably forget that a lot because you get so caught up in the game of life and just get too busy to take better care of yourself.  I hear you!

What now?

You survived the glutenous foods, the snacks, the alcohol! Don't worry today is a new day: a clean slate. Like me, you probably crave (and most definitely deserve) a DeTox Box.

The DeTox Box I'd like to share is less than $5 and it helps you detox for 16 days! Plus, this 16 day detox diet is available at almost every health food store so you can easily pick one up now. It can even be delivered straight to your door via Thrive Market or Vitacost.

This cute little box is a present because it's more than a detox. It also comes with 16 inspirational quotes to clear your mind along with your body. The detox box is Yogi DeTox Tea and it is one of my favorite teas! I highly recommend it for after a not-so-healthy meal, a party, or even if you just think you need a natural detox that will work fast with little effort.

Why Yogi DeTox Tea?

1- It's Organic. Whatever tea you enjoy, always make sure it's organic tea.  Teas leaves can be highly sprayed with pesticides and when you steep them in warm water you're also steeping the pesticides into your cup.

2- Real food ingredients for detox like organic ginger root and organic dandelion root are some of nature's most powerful detoxing foods. Including these, there are 17 more real food ingredients in Yogi DeTox Tea that are not only detoxifying but also a delicious combination that make a tea taste so good. Natural detoxification is never meant to be a punishment or a huge sacrifice though sometimes an individual ingredient, like the organic dandelion root and it's woodsy taste, is not as pleasant to drink every day even if it does have amazing detoxification benefits. So, a tasty natural fusion is alway good.

3- Exercise Included. In addition to the mind cleansing messages, the Yogi DeTox Tea Box has a “Quick Yoga for Purification,” 1 – 3 minute exercise especially for you.  1- 3 minutes is just the perfect amount of time for you, my busy mommies, to “clear your mind while you cleanse your body.”  I love the Yogi Tea DeTox Box.

Don't forget the BONUS Gift in the DeTox Box: each tea tag is inscribed with a beautiful and inspiring quote to aid your detox and immediately send signals to your brain that boost your serotonin (the “happy hormones” in your body).  Hormone balance is important for detoxing and also for losing weight and getting healthy FAST.  Our friend, New York Times best selling author, Dr. Sarah Gottfried tells you more in her book “The Hormone Cure.”

Fun Fact: fortune cookies help with hormone balance in this way too, though they are far from detoxifying!

How you can use your Yogi DeTox Tea Box:

1 – Have a cup in the morning and start your day with a cleanse.

2 – Keep one in your purse for on-the-go purposes.

3 – For a yummy treat on those hot days: steep and try it over ice.

4 – Sweetening your tea is difficult when you are trying to detox. But if you must, try using very little stevia or raw honey!

5 – At the end of the day, a cup of tea instead of that glass of wine or sweet treat will help fill you up and relax you while you detox after your crazy, busy day.

EAT REAL FOOD while you DeTox.

I do NOT recommend just drinking DeTox tea for days to lose weight.  Think of this tea as a secret weapon to use in moderation to Detox.  Because every simple healthy tip can make an immediate impact on your health.

As always, change things up and try different organic teas to help you drink more water to refresh, refuel and relax.

Try a Detox Tea like Yogi DeTox Tea that comes in peach DeTox and berry DeTox.  My other favorite organic Tea brands are Tulsi Tea and Traditional Medicinals.

Coffee, Tea or ME!  Now that you WILL take some healthy “ME” time for yourself, comment below on the name of your favorite tea flavor.  I'm obsessed with relaxing over a cup of tea and would love to hear your favorites!!!

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