Don't Ditch “All” Processed Foods

I'm all about ditching processed food, but not all packaged food is created equal.

Even when you go to a HUGE Natural Foods Expo, I try to go to once a year (especially because it's in my backyard) in Anaheim, CA, I READ EVERY LABEL before I sample anything.

Just because a product says “all natural” and even “organic”, you still MUST read your labels.

Always look to buy products with only real food ingredients that you could cook with.  That way, you know it's practically homemade and their are no extra toxins like preservatives, food dyes, and pesticides (if you don't buy organic).

Responsible Food Companies Do Exist

There are more and more responsible food companies working to package healthy “real food” into a convenient packages for us.

High Fives  and BIG “Thanks” to these great companies bringing back REAL FOOD!

Here's my quick and extensive list my favorite NEW finds from Natural Products Expo West 2016 (not in order of preference, except for these first two that are tied for first place!)


Pizza, Pasta, Cookie Dough, oh my!!!

Never has a frozen pizza tasted so good!

Who knew delicious “grain free” pasta could cook in 90 seconds!

And we can finally eat cookie dough right out of a tube without feeling guilty about or thinking our kid's are going to get salmonella poisoning, because Cappello “gluten free” chocolate chip cookie dough is egg free.

Seriously, Capello's is my #1 find at Expo West because every busy family needs these family favorites Fast and Easy so that we don't have to cook every night.

You'll definitely be hearing me rave about Cappello's more and I have already posted about the fully “custom” gluten free pizza the kids and I made using Cappello's Naked Crust Pizza.  Follow us on Instagram so you can see for yourself.

Get more info at

Primal Life Kitchen

Real Food mayo, I mean REAL, no claims of real or best but the most delicious mayo with only real food ingredients.  Plus it's sugar free, dairy free, soy free and canola oil free.

I never buy salad dressings anymore because of the sugar and preservatives.  Well, I'm buying these clean dressings now!

Avocado oil is one of the healthiest oils for you and I'm happy to switch this between my everyday coconut oil.

The BEST product of the whole Expo show was the Dark Chocolate Almond Bar with 15 grams of protein from grass-fed collagen and only 3 gram of sugar.  This is the “Holy Grail” of Protein Bars.

Get more info at


Every parent needs a drink from time to time…  And I mean SHOTS!!!

Guts shots that is 😉

I love eating Farmhouse Culture kraut as nature's most probiotic filled food, and now they have gut shots .

Quickly down your probiotics in one shot.

I tried 2 different shots and loved them. I could have done all 5!!! 😜

I highly recommend the sweet Ginger Beet gut shot.

And yes, for those that are wondering, you can mix them with a “clean” alcohol but I can't say the probiotics will cancel out the alcohol.

Get more info at


For us Target shopping mamas… Suja has fruit flavored water with probiotics exclusive to Target.
An easy way to drink more water and get 2 billion probiotic CFU's per bottle.  These are kind of like the probiotic numbers you see in high quality supplements like this.

Get more info at

The “Liquid Gold” Gut Healthy Drink

Bone Broth is known as the “liquid gold” and it's good for your gut, joints and wrinkles.

When you just don't have time to make your own bone broth like this, check out Bone Broth made in small batches for you.

Some store bought bone broths can be a little bland, but Bare Bones has a newly reformulated Rosemary & Lemon Chicken and Classic Beef Bone Broths that are full of flavor.

Get more info at


Hot Cacao with “the original superfood” mushrooms for a pick me up, stress reducer and immunity boost without the guilt.

Mushrooms are the hard core and “HOT” superfoods that have even been featured in Vogue as magic mushroom.

The fact that Four Sigmatic has created a packaged hot chocolate, tea and even coffee makes it so easy for us to get these rare superfood mushrooms into our diet.

Get more info at


You have kids, you need snacks.  We all need good snacks that's won't have our kid's bouncing off the walls or filling their little bodies with toxins, sugar and junk.

Seaweed has become a popular kid snack, but this one is finally made without MSG, Non-GMO and No Transfats.

Seasnax is the only seaweed brand that I trust right now and they just came out with a New Lime flavor.

The kid's loved it and it satisfies my cravings for chips.

Any of their seaweeds make a healthy snack and it's a SUPERFOOD with healthy iodine and even thyroid health benefits.

Get more info at

Probiotic-Filled Snacks

Hippocrates discovered that “All disease begins in the Gut” and modern food companies are realizing we need help eating gut healthy probiotic filled foods.

Brad's probiotic broccoli poppers taste like rich cheese-y chips without the belly bloating dairy.

These are seriously addicting in the healthiest way.  And I couldn't even believe that this salty, rich snack is considered raw.

Get more info at

More Raw Snacks

Go Raw had a huge booth with so many raw bars that I have never tried before.

I took this picture so that you could see how massive some of the booths are in Expo West are and share with you that there are thousands of products!

I was thinking raw would be a little too blah.

Boy was I wrong! Go Raw has clean ingredients that make these bars naturally sweet with fruit and filed with protein from nuts and seeds.

They have bites and bars that taste like banana bread, pizza, ranch chips and more.

They even had organic and sprouted watermelon seeds with 7 grams of protein per snack pack.

Who knew you could eat watermelon seeds and that they are a protein snack??!!

Get more info at

Primal Snacks

Even though granola bars, protein bars and other so-called healthy snacks are marketed as “healthy”, you must always read your labels.

Finding convenient snacks for the whole family may be hard.  But once you find them, you're set!


Grass fed , free range, raised without hormones or antibiotics, just as mother nature intended.  It's also soy free and gluten free.  You'd be surprised how many jerky's have soy and  multiple sugars (refined sugar and chemically processed sugars you can't even pronounce) in them.  This jerky is only sweetened with honey and some flavors have a hint of fresh fruit juice.

Get more info at

Hope has a new product out and it's not hummus
Organic guacamole!!!
They have
One with green chile
One with mango
One with pomegranate – who would think of guac with pomegranate?  Hope did and it's delicious!

And who would think to have a guacamole pump like this one?  Hope did and I think I need a guac pump for my house. Don't you need one too?!!

Get more info at

“Crickets are the new Kale” that's what EXO Cricket Flour Protein Bar company says.

With at least 10 grams of protein per bar, they have all real food ingredients, if you count cricket flour as real food.

I'm gonna say yes, would you?
Get more info at


The superfood Organic Hazelnut Spread with 450mg of Omega-3 per 37g serving and 40% less sugar than the leading brand that starts with Nu and ends in tella.  Enough said!

Get more info at

Baby Food

Train your child's taste buds from Day 1.

Your baby will eat what you give them.  You may have to try several times with certain foods, but if you don't give them sugar, they won't get hooked on it.


Baby Food with super foods like ginger are nothing I've ever seen before.  Feed your baby this, and you'll not only have the healthiest baby on the block, but the healthiest baby on earth.

Organic “real food” ingredients using high pressure, instead of heat, to keep their food safe and nutrient dense.

Get more info at

Everyone of us wants “Healthy Ever After” and Once Upon a Farm has the cleanest organic baby food that adults would love too.

All these flavors that they even made a dessert, and I tried it!

“Chocolate Ever After”

I'd stick with the non-dessert like flavors for baby's first foods, then give the naturally sweet ones (like chocolate) to toddlers and use it as big kid snack and treat.

Get more info at

Sweet Treats

Clean ice cream is like a dream!

Hope has the richest, most decadent, real food ice cream that it's like a dream come true.

Coffee Dark Cocoa Chip!

I'm sure they will come out with more flavors, but it's SO NEW they couldn't even tell me!

Get more info at

New Barn has the cleanest Almond Milk I've found with the least amount of ingredients.

So when I found out that they came out with ice cream… another dream come true!

Get more info at

Gluten Free and Grain Free Baked Goods

Cassava Flour and Sweet Potato Flour, I'm not sure baking can get healthier than baking with a vegetable.

We will find out together because these are super new to me!

Get more info at their parent company


Reusable Bottles

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle but you want to keep it chemical free, toxin free, and fun!

Life Factory glass bottles have been around with baby bottles, water bottles, wine glasses, glass storage containers and more.

But, now, they have a New Cafe Collection of glass mugs for hot beverages.

Plus, they have cool NEW designs, because hydrating your family doesn't ever have to be boring.

Get more info at


Klean Kanteen has everything from baby bottles to water bottles, to insulated beer tumblers to big coffee growlers.

And they just solved all of our espresso problems… This new insulated Klean Kanteen that finally fits under your espresso machine so that you can make and take it on the go!

They also have some new leakproof lids that I can't wait for them to go public with!!!

Get more info at


The best gift you can get for that family member that's so hard to buy for…

Modern Sprouts has so much to chose from, I can't even stand it!

Lots of self watering kits so you don't even have to think about what you planted and can just admire it and eat it.

They have everything from the most beautiful kitchen herbs, or tomato sack planters,  bar cocktail herb kits … and even hydroponic planters.

Herbs can be so expensive and keeping them fresh once their cut is the biggest problem for any cook.  Now, you can cut and eat as needed for the freshest ingredients, without being a farmer or even having a green thumb.

Get more info at

Pack it up!

This list could go on and on but it's more than enough.

And when your trying to feed your family healthier, it means being prepared when you're on the go.

So Young Modern Family has simple, cute and practical bags for modern on-the-go family living.

Made in the USA out of Raw Linen, PVC, Pthalate, BPA and Lead Free (this chemical free combination is so hard to find!) and it's machine washable.

Lunch bags, backpacks and diaper bags have never been so clean, inside and out!

Get more info at

Until next year Expo West!

I was happy to walk out right behind one of my favorite SuperFood brands –
After all my long research and you reading this long article, remember to just ALWAYS read your labels to get your family healthier fast!

Have a question?  You're welcome to pop in a question below.  I spent a lot of time with these brands asking them questions and I might just have the mama perspective your looking for.

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