Don't know what special gift to give that special mom? Well, I am a mom and I have the PERFECT answer for you.

This is such a perfect gift because moms want this gift everyday, all day, and they will never get tired of this gift and they will never want to get rid of this gift.

This one and only gift moms really want is a MIRACLE! And they want it NOW!

The perfect gift Now!

Moms give and care so much for others, they need to take some time for themselves.  But, Moms don't have or take that time for themselves and they just need that Miracle Now.  They need that miracle to give them the energy they are lacking, or need that miracle to alleviate that stress that's building, or need that miracle to kick that craving that keeps them overweight and unhappy or they just need that miracle to get that kid to sleeeeep!

Well, YOU CAN give your mom a MIRACLE NOW!  Stick with me on this one because I got your back!  Just hear me out.

All you have to do is simply buy the book “Miracles Now” by Gabrielle Bernstein and the miracles will begin to happen for your mom!

The book “Miracles Now” has 108 Life-Changing Tools for Less Stress, More Flow, and Finding Your true Purpose by New York Times Best-selling Author Gabrielle Bernstein.  Gabby is spiritual leader who has been featured on Oprah's Super Soul Sunday as “the next-generation thought leader” and her list of accolades is HUGE!

I highly suggest you take the time to google this inspiring “Spirit Junkie”, this incredible and loving women who is living her purpose in life by sharing SIMPLE Spiritual Practices with the world to help change and heal the world!

Did I lose you?

Okay, did I lose you a little?  Are you doubting that this book is not the perfect gift for your mom because she is not that much of a reader or she is just too busy to read or really not that spiritual?

No problem!

Miracles Now is a book for EVERYONE because you don't have to read it and miracles will still happen for you!

Yes, I said that and mean that and I just changed who I was addressing this gift to and said “YOU” and not your mom.  I say this because this book is a gift that you will want to give to yourself, your mom, your husband, your children, your friends.  The list of people you will want to give this perfect gift to goes on.

The “Miracles Now” book is so perfect for everyone because EVERYONE wants miracles to happen in their lives everyday and what better time to have those miracles happen but NOW!

Why should you buy this book if you don't even have to read it and can still reap the rewards?

Because, the author, Gabrielle Bernstein intended for this book to be  YOURS.  You are busy, you are stressed you want miracles to happen NOW!

Here is all you need to do.  Buy the book and keep it in a good spot where you can see it everyday. Pick up your book when you need or want a miracle to happen. Here's the fun part.  You are not going to read this book starting on page 1.  Just RANDOMLY open the book to a page and read that “Miracle Message”.  This is your miracle that you can make happen right now.  Read that short “Miracle Message” section, just 2 pages, and do the simple meditation to make and see your Miracle Now.

Gabby is so brilliant and has made each spiritual technique/Miracle Message so simple that, “Each practice has been boiled down to a 140-character description that can be tweeted, pinned on Pinterest, posted on Facebook or shared on Instagram with the hashtag #MiraclesNow”.

Here is an example of Today's #MiraclesNow page I flipped to while I was writing this blog article and I dedicate it to YOU!

Miracle Message #60 The moment we begin to celebrate ourselves and focus on our successes is the moment we begin living.

Celebrate your small successes

So, take a moment now and celebrate your small successes.  Gabby and I invite you to take action with a simple Life-Changing Tool like this one to “bust out your notebook and make a list of the ways you rock”.  With time and practice, you can let this become an involuntary action where you won't even need a notebook and your Miracle Message #60 will be happening for you everyday!

This is just one example of the 108 Miracle Mesasages.  There are also simple breathing exercises, yoga and a little more in-depth things, but Gabby breaks each and every one of them down so that anyone at anytime can slowly get started and let their Miracles happen Now.

I seriously can't wait for miracles to happen for you and to anyone else you chose to gift this book and/or share this blog article with.  I'm practically jumping out of my skin with joy that I am able to share this life changing book with YOU!

Please comment and keep me posted at anytime to share what miracles have happened for you.  I would LOVE to hear from you.  And, if this blog article has served you in even the tiniest way, please “Pay it Forward in Health” and share the article to help make “Miracles Now” for as many people as possible!

Want to hear more about this book?

Stay tuned for my article about when I met the author Gabrielle Bernstein, she walked me through a guided meditation, signed my “Miracles Now” book and forever changed my life so that I could help others and help change the world!

P.S. I still haven't read the book! 😉 But, I have been “Showing up” to pick up the book, randomly flipping to my #MiraclesNow lesson and have taken a few minutes to do that meditation and have seen my MiraclesNow!  You can too!

Enjoy this article?...Pay it Forward in Health!
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