Why we are “good, but tired”?

If you ask someone how they are doing most of them say good but tired! The majority of us are always, or often, tired.  This does not need to be the case. Unless we are pulling all-nighters for college exams or staying up with babies that can’t sleep, we shouldn’t feel so tired all of the time.

Fatigue after eating is due to your food choices.

We continue to fuel our bodies with a low-fat diet of processed and refined sugar-loaded foods that are making us fat and making us feel fatigued. And, if we manage not to be fat because we really only eat one 100 calorie snack pack (I know that is impossible for me and those teeny portions seem to be even too small for a toddler!) the fuel we eat today in our Standard American Diet is not nutrient-dense and is making us feel fatigued. Low fat processed food is high in carbs and sugar which spikes your insulin levels and shoots them right back down to an even lower point than where we first started which makes us feel tired!

For example, a Standard American Diet and quite frankly, my diet most of my life when I was working and had no children but was always tired, went a little, or really a lot like this:

We start our mornings with a bowl of low fat cereal. The carbs and sugar in the cereal spikes our insulin levels and brings them back down fast making us feel tired and hungry. (But, we will just focus on fatigue for the sake of this article). We are then tired and we reach for a morning snack to pick us back up. A bagel, a muffin or a donut at a meeting at work or from our pantry. Wheeee! here it goes again, our insulin spikes up and Whoaaa! it drops back down.

It’s lunch time and we have a sandwich with wheat bread to be healthy since we feel guilty about the morning pastry we had. Well, hang on tight because wheat bread is carb loaded which turns into sugar that Wheeee! has spiked our insulin level and Whoaaa! has brought us back down. Now, we hit the vending machine or convenience store for a candy bar or a diet coke because there are no calories and there is no real sugar in diet coke. But, wait for it… Wheeee! our insulin levels spike because the zero calorie artificial sweetener is worse than real sugar and then, you know what comes next…Whoaaa! back down and tired we go again.

So it’s 6pm we are so tired and can’t even think about making dinner so we order a pizza for delivery or boil a quick pasta with a jar of tomato sauce and wait for it, hang on super tight because the flour-filled carb-loaded pizza and carb-loaded pasta with the sugar-loaded pasta sauce have taken you for a big ride Wheeee! up the insulin spike and Whoaaa! back down again.

Now, we are super tired and barely have enough energy to sit on the couch to watch our favorite TV show while we snack on chocolate chip cookies or a bowl of ice cream and “wait for it”, say it with me… Wheeee! to the Whoaaa! as we go to bed and only wake up to start another similar day where when our friends ask us how we are doing, we say “Good but tired”.

The take-home message is simple…eat real food, not consisting of low-fat, refined sugar-loaded carbs to control your insulin levels which will thereby help control your fatigue rollercoaster ride each day.  You can read about the power of real food here.   Of course, if you want to really help your fatigue levels, then improve your sleep as well!

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