Stop Pinning without Believing!

Cynthia Pasquella, Famed Celebrity Nutritionist, says the following:

“Taking care of yourself is a holistically positive energy that starts a cascade of positivity.”


Doesn’t that just sound like an inspirational quote you would see on Pinterest or Instagram and say to yourself, “Yeah, right. In my dreams!”

And you probably pin and save this to your Inspirational quote board because you want that to be true so badly but you just don’t see it happening any time soon or ever!

Well, stop just pinning this, wishing this, dreaming this…Just believe it and let me show you how you can make it happen.

3 popular beliefs about extreme self care and why they are actually Myths:

1- You believe that when you take care of yourself, you are being selfish.

But, what you do not realize is that this is a MYTH. Because, when you nurture yourself you have more energy and positive psychological energy to use elsewhere. This energy is far from being selfish, it is the complete opposite. This positive energy will allow you to give even more of yourself to others.

2 – You believe that you just do not have the time to take care of yourself.

But, what you do not realize is that this is also a MYTH. Because, when you begin to focus your priority on caring for yourself, things begin to take care of themselves. Those who are around you become more self-sufficient and they will then need less of your time. WIN-WIN!

 3 – You feel guilty if you take care of yourself before others.

But, what you do not realize is that this is a third MYTH. Because, you will not only get rid of that guilty feeling, but you will also begin to feel less angry, less stressed and/or less anxious and this will filter down through your life positively.

You still don’t believe the fru-fru inspirational quote you pinned on Pinterest and/or you still don’t believe me?

“Taking care of yourself is a holistically positive energy that starts a cascade of positivity”.

 I dare you to try it!

Yeah, I double dare you to try it!! Try one, just one action to take extreme self care of yourself, like take a bath, read a book by yourself, or go on a walk by yourself and let me know if you made that fru-fru inspirational quote you pinned come true!  Do this, and you're on your way to better Rockin' Your Red Carpet!

Come back and share what you did for yourself in the comments below.  Then check back in later to learn how you can prepare for an “Extreme Self-Care Makeover”.

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