Never Give Up!
Think Positive!
And You Could Meet A Caveman!!!

That is the lesson we taught our children, and even ourselves, today, thanks to George Bryant, AKA The Civilized Caveman!  But as you read our story, fill in the blank with the person you want to meet.  Perhaps you want to meet a new friend, a nice friend for your child, a role model, or someone you admire.  Maybe you just want to finally meet and interact with kind people throughout your day instead of having frustrating and annoying run-ins with people.

Think positive and you may just meet that someone you never thought you would, AND have a wonderful exchange of positive energy at the same time.  But to accomplish this, you will have to have a simple, yet profound, shift in your thinking.

Is 27 minutes Late too late?

The Paleo Kitchen book signing ended at 5:00pm and we pulled into the parking lot at 5:27pm, the whole family was thinking positive thoughts, “willing” that we would finally meet one of our health and wellness heroes in person and keeping our eyes peeled to see if we would run into the Caveman in the parking lot.

I have to admit, that in trying to be the parent example of staying positive, I had a slight moment of panic.  We were late and were the kid's really helping us find the Caveman?  Would the kid's even recognize the Caveman?

They should be able to recognize the Caveman since they saw that video of him in a Bacon costume over and over when it came out.  But, then again they probably wouldn't recognize him without his bacon costume. Yikes!

We needed all eyes on the lookout and I almost thought the kids' eyes weren't helping.  The Automatic Negative Thoughts in my mind clicked on.  But, I recognized them and quickly changed my thinking so I could get rid of those negative thoughts.  I started to do Dr. Daniel Amen's ANT exercise to release that negative thought.  And, this exercise did not fail me!

No, 27 minutes was not too late!

We kept walking quickly into the store and I turned my panic into a smiling chuckle as I visualized the Caveman in his bacon costume.  Now they were positive and funny thoughts.

Just as your negative thoughts are powerful and hold you back from having the confidence or drive to do what you really want to do, like lose weight, your positive thoughts can be even more powerful and can propel you into success!

Well, thanks to never giving up on positive thoughts, and thanks to the Caveman's generosity of his time and support for his local community, he stayed late signing EXTRA books to go back on the shelf at his local Costco, and we finally had the honor of meeting him.  We took pictures, shared our story, exchanged some positive energy and had some laughs.

The Healthy bonus

The healthy bonus in never giving up on positive thoughts, is that your energy will be felt, others will be attracted to that energy and they will want to exchange that positive energy with you.  

In doing this SIMPLE exercise of positive thinking, that you and your children can do for FREE, RIGHT NOW, you will immediately begin to feel and be HEALTHIER.  And, as an added bonus, you are automatically “Paying it Forward in Health”.  You  are not only filling your brain and body with positive, healthy energy, that builds confidence and gives you a stronger drive to succeed, but you are also sharing it with those around you, thereby being part of the much-needed Health and Wellness Revolution that our world needs today!

And guess what, you'll stop running into those frustrating and annoying people throughout your day, because you have ditched that negative energy yourself!

Share the positive energy

Check out George Bryant's New York Times Best-Selling Book The Paleo Kitchen that he co-wrote with Juli Baur of PaleOMG.  This book is HOT! And both George and Juli have free recipes on their sites, so stop by and pay them a visit.

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