16 years of marriage…and Don't know what to get him!

It's Family Friday and it's our 16th Wedding Anniversary and I had no idea what to get my husband!

Is that bad? Do I not love him enough?

Does giving him a Silver Klean Kanteen express that I don't love him enough?

In searching the Internet under the modern gift list for your 16th wedding anniversary, “silver holloware” came up.  What's that?  That doesn't sound modern at all.

I found that Silver holloware is like silver-plated items but made of thicker walls and more silver plated layers.

A silver coffee pot or silver butter pat tray were some of the examples listed.  Sure, that reminds me of my husband's Bulletproof coffee routine.  But, that's just way too stuffy and high maintenance for Bulletproof coffee. 🙂

Then I saw a silver holloware water jug listed as an example and I thought, that's it! You can never have too many water jugs and a silver stainless-steel Klean Kanteen is our kind of style that can totally pass as practical and modern “silver holloware” in our book.

Is a silver (colored, stainless steel) water jug a lame gift or a healthy one for a marriage?

Oh, kale yeah!  I say it's healthy sexy gift!

Water is life.
We can't live without water.
Water cleans and detoxes us inside and out.  (Click here to find out what other foods can help you detox.)

And after 16 years of being married, I know our marriage could use a cleanse and a detox from the times we don't appreciate each other. For the times we are not so nice to each other.  16 years can fall into a routine and lose it's excitement.

Let's face it. Life is stressful and marriage is hard work.  But there are secrets to a successful marriage.  Detoxing it is one for sure!  Click to see 15 not-so-secret secrets to a successful marriage that my husband wrote about on our last anniversary.

Do you think your marriage could use a cleanse and a renewal every once in a while?

We could all bring more appreciation, patience and love into our marriage.  And not just say that we do, but actually do it.

How do you act more intentional in your marriage with your busy lifestyle?

You say it!

→ I AM appreciative

→ I AM patient

→ I AM loving

So when you fall into a busy, tired, frustrated mode, you stop and say, “I am not that person.”  I AM appreciative, I AM patient, I AM loving.  And it will be hard not to BE just that!

How do you remember to do this?

As an example, my anniversary gift to my husband, a simple silver Klean Kanteen, will help me “remember” my husband and our marriage.  Seeing him use it will be a “behavior trigger” for me to BE more appreciative, BE more patient and BE more loving.

Creating a behavior trigger of your choice (like buying a silver Klean Kanteen for your husband) will remind you to BE more intentional and then “trigger” you to DO IT.  Doing this will make you feel more proud of yourself and more loved by your spouse.

Healthy Sexy Detox

And that, my friend, is a simple and practical reminder to get your healthy sexy on with your spouse so that you can cleanse your marriage during your everyday busy life.

Speaking of detoxing and behavioral triggers to remind you to DO the detox, check out my 1 Minute Detox Secrets that have been posted daily in Instagram.  Click here and you can get them delivered straight to your email inbox.

Do you have 60 seconds to get healthier fast?  If so, sign up now!

What modern healthy sexy gift would you get for your husband on your next anniversary?  Share in the comments below.

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