Does your family have an Elf on the Shelf?


It's Family Friday and it IS healthy to have an Elf on the Shelf!


Ok, set aside the late night panic that probably just flashed before you and I'll tell you why that slight panic is healthy too.

And rest assured, it's also healthy if your elf doesn't happen to be in a new spot every morning.  So, now you can relax and know you are doing a good thing.

This year, our 6 year old son said, “It just can't be Christmas this year because Elfie (our Elf's name) hasn't moved for 3 days!”  EEK! Parental fail or lesson to be learned here?  Lesson, go for the lesson.  It's healthy if your Elf doesn't always land in a new spot.


 -Elaine De Santos


This is the lesson you want your kid's to know and experience because life is not a television show.

After our kid's initial shock of Elfie being in the same spot for 3 days, I asked the the kid's to “solve the mystery” and come up with the explanations why our Elfie was sitting at a Christmas toy piano for 3 days.  Here is what they came up with:

Day 1- Elfie is playing Christmas music for us

Day 2- Elfie keeps trying to play Christmas music but the batteries must be dead since we haven't used the toy piano since last Christmas

Day 3- Elfie wants US to sing Christmas carols as a family

Wasn't that Elf experience less stressful for parents and more magical for the whole family?  There was no focus on Elfie's failures but celebrating the good he holiday cheer he gave and then it was up to our family to sing.


Top 3 reasons why having an Elf is Healthy!


1. Elf sets a specific goal

When you are trying to do things like EAT healthier or MOVE and exercise more you need to set a specific goal and deadline.  Because if you just say you will EAT healthier, What will you do? When will you start? And by what date do you want to be eating healthier by?  If you don't set a specific goal, life gets busy and you just won't meet your generic goal.

Elf has a start date, December 1st, Elf has a specific goal of watching over children and reporting back to Santa every night (whether he moves to a new spot or not 😉 and Elf does this daily up until Christmas Eve, December 24th.  That is a specific goal with a specific start date and a specific deadline.

As Zig Ziglar, American Author, salesman and motivational speaker said,  “You don't have to be great to start but you have to start to be great”.


2. Elf builds a healthy habit

It takes 21 days to build a habit.  Elf is out December 1 and goes back to the North Pole December 24th.

After 21 days of EATing healthier, specifically like not eating processed foods or going gluten free or going sugar free will take 21 days for your healthy habit to stick.  This is why there are so many 21 day detox programs or for even more habit forming support 30 day cleanse, 30 days whole foods challenges.


3. Elf is an Accountability Partner

Elf is out every day for more than 21 days and he or she is specifically out to watch over children to report behavior back to Santa.

This is healthy accountability and is not threatening or stressful.  If you have an accountability partner, like an exercise buddy, a trainer, a nutrition coach, a friend or family to be accountable to you are less likely to cheat or put your goals off.  And Elf has that specific goal, start and end date and is also THERE FOR YOU (watching out for you) to keep you accountable.


Bonus Reason Why Having an Elf Healthy:

Elf is a Spiritual Running Buddy

Elf helps your kid's focus not only on good behavior but trying their best, BEing their best and BEing the spiritual light or positive energy and love that shines during the month of December and spreading that Spiritual light with those around them!

When you set your specific health goal and are focused on your wins and not beating yourself up for your failures.  You are BEing healthy.  You are just trying your best, BEing your best and as a side effect, will not help but BE a spiritual light of positive energy that shines and spreads to those around you throughout the year!

Share this article with your family friends with an Elf on the Shelf, they won't believe their Elf is Healthy for their family until they read this!

Leave us a comment on your Elf's name.  We would love to hear!

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