It's Family Friday and we want to share with you…

The BEST 2014 advice from World Leading Health Experts that is proven to get your Family Healthier right now.

These top 5 helped our busy family in 2014 and they can help you too!

1.  Best Smoothies: All Day Energy Diet Smoothie Challenge

The best because green smoothies can taste either yucky or can be loaded with too much fruit making them hard to swallow or contain just as much sugar as a milk shake.   These green smoothies are good tasting and fat burning.

Family For Health Highlight: Michael and I beta tested The All Day Energy Diet for our friend Yuri Elkaim and the kids would drink our smoothies and eat our food.  Click here to read about our experience during the All Day Energy Diet.

2.  Best Meatless Meals: Hungry Hottie Cookbook

The best because Meatless Monday's in 2015 are going beyond just Mondays.  Going meatless 2 times/per week is the new key to better health and faster weight loss.  Even The Bulletproof Diet which is high protein and high fat diet has a protein fast as part of it's weight loss protocol to help you lose up to 1 pound per day.  And if you buy The Bulletproof Diet book you get The Hungry Hottie Cookbook for free.

Family For Health Highlight: Cynthia Pasquella is the author of this cookbook and was not only my teacher in 2014 (the year I earned my Certification in Transformational Nutrition through her ITN school), but also the whole family got to meet her and calls her a friend.

3.  Best Dinners: Pete's Paleo

The best because you can eat healthy food every single night without having to cook any one of those nights, or even days.  Your choice.  This meal delivery service was a one of our favorite health discoveries of this year and I know it will make the top of my favorite lists for years to come.

We all want to eat healthier and feed our families healthier but we don't want to always have to cook.  Pete's Paleo has you covered!  He even has a “New You” Meal Plan to help kick-start your New Years weight loss and health goals which has meals, snacks and the health liquid gold of 2015, bone broth.  No more excuses.  Pete has your back!

Family For Health Highlight:  We traveled to San Diego A LOT in 2014 hitting farmers markets every single time.  Theses were the same farmer's markets that Pete shops at and now we don't have to shop, prep or cook to get the fresh and healthy meals! The whole family loves Pete's Paleo food.  Especially, the bacon!  Hear for yourself about the famous bacon in this video here.

4.  Best Low Sugar Everything: The Sugar Impact Diet

The best because even I learned that eating a salad could have more sugar than an ice cream sundae. YIKES!

There are so many hidden sources of sugar that this diet is not a diet, rather a health revolution revealing how sugar is making us fat and feeds disease that is killing us.  The Sugar Impact Diet will help you finally kick your sugar cravings and eat less sugar.  But this plan is realistic.  You will not quit sugar cold turkey, rather taper off sugar so that you don't even miss it.

Family For Health Highlight:  Michael and I were honored to be a part of JJ Virgin's Sugar Impact health revolution and teamed up with our friend in support.  We served as Family Experts in JJ Virgin's Sugar Impact LiveStream this year.  Click here to check out her replayed LiveStream and learn how to finally ditch sugar!

5.  Best Sleep Aid: The Bulletproof Sleep Induction Mat

The Bulletproof Sleep Induction Mat is like a bed of nails that helps you get the best sleep ever, relieves stress and stimulates your healthy hormones.  Our whole family fights over laying on this accupressure mat and we don't leave home with out it.  Always sleep like a baby because this sleep mat is about the size of a pillow case and rolls up for travel.

Family For Health Highlight: We met Dave Asprey this year, became friends over a cup of Bulletproof Coffee, we attended The Bulletproof Conference, and learned that it's okay to give our kids a little bit of coffee.  LOL! We can't wait til Dave opens his first Bulletproof Store in Santa Monica, CA early this year!

And our 2014 list would not be complete without sharing our All-Time Favorite Health Podcast: Underground Wellness.  This keeps us company while commuting.  And the host, Sean Croxton, is the one that finally knocked some sense into us and is how we finally started getting healthy as a family.  His podcast motivates us to stay healthy and fuels our passion to help other families get healthier fast by sharing what we know to shorten your learning curve.

Family For Health Highlight: We attended one of Sean Croxton's business Masterminds and became friends with Sean.  His fun personality and passion to help others is contagious! We are glad to catch this health help bug in 2014.

And now for 2015…

5 TOP Healthy Family Secrets for 2015

In summary, our 5 TOP Healthy Family Secrets to getting Healthier Fast in 2015 is:

1. Have a green smoothie for Breakfast

2. Have Meatless Meals 2 times a week

3. Cook and eat at home more than you eat out

4. Eat less sugar

5. Sleep More

Stick with these top 5 Healthy Family Secrets for your healthiest year ever!  THIS IS YOUR YEAR, MAKE IT YOUR BEST EVER!

EAT.MOVE.BE Together in 2015 for your healthiest year!

Need some motivation that will stick?  THE BEST free health and business motivation training of the year is right in this quick video for Motivation Manifesto.

And, of course, we are HERE FOR YOU on the website, social media or for health coaching.  So ask your questions, we are here to help YOU succeed in Health and Happiness!

Share these Healthy Family Secrets of 2015 with your friends and comment on which secret you will try today.  Or be bold and ask a question 🙂

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