End the year with a bang!

It's Mommy Monday and Cyber Monday and I've got a 30% coupon for the books that will help you get through the last month of the year and end it with a bang!

These books give results in a matter of 1 day so you can enjoy your holidays and get a head start to an incredible NEW YEAR!

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Need a book recommendation?

Here are my top 7 books to get you through the holidays:

#7. The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook by @wholelifenutrition

A hard-core, all-encompassing reference book made simple to follow. I never thought I would make my own sauerkraut until my friend Alissa, mommy of five,  shared her book with me.  Her recipe showed me how easy it is to make it. And boy does this save you bundles on probiotics!

#6. Paleo By Season by @petespaleo

This book cooks for YOU!  Delicious use of the freshest local organic food that is in season plus BAM!  Spices and flavors that dance on your taste buds. And even better, drum roll please…. this book cooks for YOU!

Yes, allow the author Pete Servold to cook for you through his Pete's Paleo Meal Delivery Service. Stop driving yourself crazy and get your healthy on and get gourmet meals delivered to your door! No sacrifice on taste, time or your tush!  In fact, if you've fallen of the eating healthy wagon, you can have a 7-day “New You” Box delivered to your door as well!

#5. Practical Paleo by @dianesanfilippo

This was one of my first books that made shifting our family from a Standard American Diet to a Real Food diet easy and delicious! Still a go-to book years later.  Any veggie cooked with bacon was the BIG secret that Diane Sanfilippo taught me that helped me trick (oops!) I mean transition the kids to eat more veggies.

So many more secrets inside this book that is also a good reference guide to healthy eating and using food as medicine.  This cook book comes with meal plans and even adjustments to cater to automimmune concerns and more.

#4.  Mediterranean Paleo Cooking by @dianesanfilippo

This book is “special” because it was a gift from Diane to us, now that Michael and I are health revolutionaries only a few years after we bought Practical Paleo. This book introduced us to @grassfedgirl and @grassfedchef and boy are we so happy we met them and their Paleo Moussaka Recipe!

Next on the list, our kid chef Lucas, to make almond tea cookies recommended by the authors at their #medpaleocookingtour book signing. We aren't a 100% Paleo Family, we are simply a REAL FOOD Family but this book title also had me at “…Recipes for a Relaxed Gluten Free Lifestyle”.

And all of my book recommendations to you are just for that, to get you to relax, stress less, about your family's eating habits and simply incorporate one healthy meal at a time until real food just becomes a part of your everyday healthy life.

#3. Sugar Impact Diet by @jjvirgin

This book by JJ Virgin is THE BOMB!

With multiple truth bombs about sugar inside, this is a MUST-have by every family. There is so much information you have never heard before about sugar that will blow your mind! But, better yet, the book makes it easy for you and your family to NOT QUIT sugar cold turkey. But, rather to Taper and Transition into a low sugar impact diet for once and for all!

This book was written for EVERY diet from vegan to paleo, from adult to kid alike!  Michael and I were even called upon by our friend JJ Virgin to share our expertise with families on “How to Lower Your Kid's Sugar Impact with 5 Things You Already Have In Your House“. More on how you can get this video access and more exclusive and powerful resources to help your family finally lose your sugar cravings (keep reading!)

#2. The All-Day Energy Diet by @yurielkaim

‘Nough said! Yuri Elkaim knows that no matter what diet and lifestyle you have, you just want All-Day Energy.

And, if you don't have all day energy, it's your body's way of telling you something is just not right with your health.  This book was the one thing that FINALLY took the place of my husband's snooze button!  Get your energy back today!

#1. Miracles Now by @gabbybernstein

Because sometimes you just need a miracle when it comes to getting your family to EAT healthier and BE healthier.  A spiritual awakening from Gabrielle Bernstein, This one is for YOU!

Bonus Book:  Motivation Manifesto by @brendonburchard

This one self-help book by one of the most sought-after personal development coaches in the world, Brendon Burchard, is what you may need to finally get the motivation to do what these books suggest to do and more importantly, to do what you truly desire to do!  Here's the best part, for a limited time, you can get the book for FREE by clicking here!

Books are not enough for you?

Most of these books come with programs that have step by step methods for you to follow with done for you guides and amazing resources.  The super bonus is that most of these programs come with support, such as private FB groups to ask questions and some even have live group coaching calls.  Talk about books that keep on giving!

These are far more than just books.

They are life changing tools!

Share this book wish list with your friends and family.  Leave a comment below which you've read or plan to read.

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