Kids at a Candy Store

I've been teaching at Whole Foods Market, Brea CA, Kids Club Cooking classes for a year and I love it!

This store opened a year ago (February 2016) and is the only store in Southern California with a community kitchen (at this time).

I'm always happy to teach and share how to put a twist on foods to make them healthy.

“HEALTHY/Healthier” because it truly saved our family's life and I believe I was put on this earth to help other families.

It's my passion to help kids and families to eat “HEALTHY” because it truly saved our family's life and I believe I was put on this earth to help other families.

It's not always easy.  And yes… sometimes you have to pull out all the stops and include CHOCOLATE.

Super Foods for Super Kids Cooking Class At Whole Foods Market

Is chocolate healthy?

Yes!  Chocolate is actually a superfood when it's in the original form of CACAO.

It's when we over-process it, load it up with sugar and preservatives that we turn chocolate away from being a superfood.

Switching to cacao (the rich, bittersweet stuff) is sure to satisfy our sweet tooths, but it can take time to transition to it.

Tour of Chocolate

Here's how you can enjoy chocolate as a treat and make it just a little bit “healthier”.

Cacao Nibs – try swapping sugar-free cacao powder and cacao nibs for chocolate and chocolate chips.  If you need to make a little sweeter transition, you can try sweet cacao nibs.  Our favorite brand is Navitas Naturals and you can get it for the best price at here.

Dark Chocolate – try eating dark chocolate because it has more antioxidants and is dairy free.  Our favorite brand is Nohmad Chocolate

Milk Chocolate – try eating organic because just as the name says, milk is added to this chocolate.  Organic milk chocolate will not have the hormones and antibiotics that are in regular milk.  Our favorite brand is Alter Echo and you can get it for the best price here.

White Chocolate – try eating the one with less sugar because white chocolate is the sweetest of chocolates.  Read your chocolate labels because some have more added sugar than others.

These were the yummy chocolates we tasted in our Kid's Club Class.

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After our chocolate tasting, each child posted their favorite.

Chocolate Dipped Everything

After the chocolate tasting, the kid's tried chocolate dipped everything!!!

I suggested they start with the fruit because it was fresh and it would be “easy” to take the extra animal cracker and graham crackers home {wink!wink!}.

We had gluten free options for the graham and animal crackers. And the marshmallows were dye free (yes, they dye some marshmallows white! eek!) and hydrogenated oil free (like all Whole Foods Market products).

The children were happy to serve themselves and the parents were happy to see how a chocolate dessert buffet could be made so easy and special for birthday parties and even adult parties.

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I gotta say that I love this Whole Foods Market Community Kitchen, not just because I guest teach there…

But, because as a customer, any one of us can rent the space out and have a party!!  Just contact Whole Foods Market, Brea.

And if you would like my “Tour of Chocolate” class handout with fun food facts and recipes, get it here!

Let me know if and when you plan to have a Chocolate Party like this one (at home or somewhere else)!!


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