Think MAGICAL Easter Bunny, think SEXY Bunny.

Wherever your mind went when you read this Bunny Detox headline, it's all good!  Why? Because your results will the the same.  YOUR results will be MAGICAL and SEXY!

And, no there is no magic pill or magic potion for this detox!  You definitely  do not have to starve yourself to the point of weakness and exhaustion. No Bunny should EVER have to live that way!

This Bunny Detox is all 100% Natural and uses Real Food in a Real Simple way!  This Bunny Detox is nature's detox.  This is one of my secret weapons and nature's gift to you,  that I want to share with you on how you can make food work for your body.


Add one or all of these 7 bunny foods to your daily diet so that your DETOX will magically and naturally occur!

And, please be sure to eat these foods in their “ORGANIC” forms.  Because non-organic will just defeat your purpose.  If you need help in finding a local source for organic food direct from farmers, please click here to read our post on this topic.  

GMO and non-organic foods are heavily filled with the toxins that you are trying to detox from in the first place.

1. Radishes help cleanse your liver.

Your liver is your body's primary cleansing system that produces bile for healthy digestion and dumps the toxins out of your body.  Toxins from processed foods, alcohol, or any toxins you put on your body and breathe all pass through your liver.

2. Cilantro aids in toxic metal cleansing.

The chemical compounds in cilantro binds to toxic metals to loosen them from tissue to help you flush those metal toxins out of your body.  And unfortunately, every bunny in today's age is exposed to heavy metals on a daily basis.

3. Parsley helps cleans your kidneys.

Healthy kidney's can not only help avoid urinary tract infections and kidney stones, but healthy kidneys are also required to fight off other bacterial infections that can hit other parts of your body.  The healthier your kidney's are the stronger your body is!

4. Fennel is an excellent source of fiber.

Fennel also aids in digestion and has traditionally been used to relieve flatulence, bloating and gas discomfort.  It also contains vitamin A and C which are both powerful antioxidants.  Studies have shown that fennel blocks inflammation and carcinogens making this a good cancer fighting food.

5. Lettuce contains Vitamin A.

Vitamin A is a natural antioxidant that protects your body from the damaging effects of free radicals and toxins.  Lettuce also contains vitamin B1 to help your liver and helps you maintain healthier hair, skin and eyes.

6. Carrots help strengthen your immune system.

This strengthening helps to fight bacteria and is filled with vitamins to help your vision and reproduction.  Isn't that cute how nature and God have a sense of humor because that's exactly what bunnies are known for good eyes and making baby bunnies!

7. Beets and beet greens helps with liver cleansing.

Beet greens is what's on top of the dirt and easiest for the bunnies to nibble on and yes, you can eat them too.  Not only does a healthy liver increase your immunity, but it also boosts your energy level and helps boost your metabolism.  HIPPITY HOP! You don't need a better reason than that to cleanse your liver!

So, go on now and nibble on these foods as snacks, in salads, cook them or juice them and you will be on your way to NATURALLY experiencing  a Magical Detox to your Sexier bunny body.

BONUS TIP: Do the Bunny Hop!

Yes, its that simple.  Do the bunny hop to music or even just hum it.

Be sure to have the kid's join you.  Because this will make for SIMPLE, FREE and FUN Family Bonding Time of exercise and DETOXING WITHOUT EVEN KNOWING IT!

Oh, yeah!  Because when you hop you are moving your lymphatic system which, you guessed it helps you naturally DETOX!

Your lymphatic system helps carry fluids that protects your body from disease.  But, you MUST MOVE because the lymphatic system does not flow unless you move.  And, moving your body is a requirement for detoxing your lymphatic system.  Even just walking helps…and hopping helps even BETTER!

Remember it's with simple little hops towards health and wellness that you will create BIG and permanent healthy changes!

Sing along, with the tune of the “Bunny Hop”…DA DA DA DA DA DA, DA DA DA DA DA DA HOP, HOP, HOP!

Please share what Bunny Food you are using to naturally DETOX in the comments below.  And, wasn't doing the Bunny Hop around the house as a Family a fun and heart pumping work out?

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