Even Deepak Chopra values small shifts for immediate impact.

Deepak Chopra the spiritual guru who mediates daily, multiple times a day and for hours at a time wears a Fitbit.

I know you don't believe me.  Because don't you think that this incredible spiritual guru wouldn't even own a watch.  Because doesn't Deepak Chopra have all the time in the world and just has people who delicately air-lift him from his meditation mountain over to Oprah, and he doesn't need technology at all?

Well, Deepka Chopra wears a Fitbit bit and he showed it to us when he spoke at his book signing for his latest book The Future of God.

Oh, and Deepak even told a story about his 7-year old grandson coming up with the answer to a spiritual question based on his favorite Pokemon Video game.

Deepak Chopra has a REAL FAMILY and even he speaks about simple shifts for immediate impact like we do to help families get healthier fast.  And if a Fitbit helps and technology helps you get healthier fast than use it!  Use modern technology to work for you, not you work for it.

We can get so caught up in technology and just do, do, do all day long.

But, ask yourself is this technology is helping you, or are you doing too many extra mindless things on it that is not serving your higher purpose to help you live better.

Ask yourself, Are you a human being or a human doing?

You do so much.  “You are constantly on the go…doing, doing, doing!”

But, do you remember to BE?

Deepak reminds me that YOU ARE a human being not a human doing.  So you must not forget to BE.

Be present in the moments throughout your day.

If you are a mom, BE a mom and be present in those mommy moments.

If you are at work, BE at work and be present in those work moments.

This may sound like common sense, but common sense is not always common practice.

Are you present in your daily moments or focused on your list of things to do?

I confess, it's hard to BE while you are trying to keep up with our busy family life.  But, this is why BE is one of our Family For Health signature pillars.

Because we believe, and have proven, that to help families get healthier fast, you need to EAT+MOVE+BE…together.

Now go BE.

While you do, I wanted to share what Deepak Chopra said are the 5 parts of Physical Wellbeing, which again are encompassed in our Family For Health pillars, EAT+MOVE+BE…together.

And I share this not only for you, but also for me and my family.  Because to dedicate ourselves to help families and ignite this movement I want to confirm that I am not crazy.  Thank you Deepak Chopra for easing my mind!

This is not just my passion, but it has a purpose!  We help busy families all over the world, with the help of all of  YOU participating, paying it forward in health, and sharing this much needed information in our busy human doing world.

The 5 parts of Physical Well-Being, according to Deepak Chopra:

1. Sleep

Improving your sleep can have positive effects on your genetic output.  Gene activities are responsive to lifestyle choices, and improving your sleep is a HUGE lifestyle improvement. Read more about the benefits of sleep here.  So…Go to sleep!

2. Meditation

Meditation, and other similar practices, have been scientifically shown to influence the cellular aging process.  Though the aging process is significantly improved with long term meditation, studies have shown that there are anti-aging benefits even with your first meditation session.  Here's an article to help you get started.  So…Get to it, start meditating today!

3. Movement

Why does Deepak Chopra wear a FitBit?  Because movement is necessary for health.  Modern technology, like a Fitbit, can be leveraged to keep you focused on moving.  It's as simple to do as this video shows. So…Go for a walk and count those steps if you need to stay motivated!

4. Emotions

Controlling your emotions means going back to your “happy place” so you can emit good, happy energy.  As discussed in this article, by hanging out with happy people, you receive the happy energy from the people who made those people happy.  It's a cycle of happiness and your part is to emit it yourself in an effort to keep that cycle of happiness going strong!  So…Don't worry and BE happy!

5. Food

Food is a very important part of your health and spirtual well-being and can be the best form of medicine.  Chopra claims that “if we just listen to our bodies and what they're telling us about food, we're the best judges of our needs.”  And EAT real food that is organic, non-gmo and is not processed food.  So…BE mindful of what's on the end of your fork.  It's either medicine or poison.

Will you join the Family For Health movement?

Then please SHARE this article.  And if you want help or just want to live healthier, check out our REAL Food for REAL Families Online Coaching Program which encompasses these 5 elements of wellbeing for YOU, the amazing human being.

Will you join the Family For Health movement?  Not only only will you help your busy family get healthier fast, but Together we can help so many more families!


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