Got Thyroid Issues?

Have you, or someone you know, ever been diagnosed with a thyroid problem?  Hypothyroidism or Hyperthyroidism?

If not diagnosed, perhaps, you are always cold, always have to wear socks when you go to sleep.  Maybe you have brittle hair, dry or cracked skin.

Guess what?

Thyroid health issues, whether you are diagnosed with it or not, is a LOT more common than you may think.

Why is that, you ask?

Hormones and substances flow through the blood stream looking for their partner receptor on cells on which to bind to.  The binding to the receptor is what allows entrance into our cells.  Now, each receptor is specific to a substance, and each cell has only some receptors which would allow only some substances to enter the cell.   In other words, not every substance will be able to enter every cell.

There are 2 exceptions to this however, only 2 substances  can enter and, therefore, influence EVERY cell in the body…Vitamin D and Thyroid Hormone.

Vitamin D  has been extensively studied and written about regarding its positive benefits  to so many adult and child ailments, ranging from autoimmunity to learning deficits.  Its positive attributes to so many ailments is directly a product of its ability to influence EVERY cell in our body.

Now, thyroid hormone's primary function is to regulate the temperature of every cell in our body.  In order to do so, it must have access to every cell, hence, the thyroid hormone receptor on every cell.

So, your thyroid, if healthy, has the power to maintain and propagate healthy functions of every cell.  And, if unhealthy, the thyroid will have very little positive influence on the functionality of our body's cells.

The importance of this fact is that when our Thyroid is deficient in any form, the internal temperature of our cells will not be appropriately regulated and therefore the cell may not function as it's supposed to.  

So what symptoms might you observe if your thyroid and thyroid hormone is not functioning correctly?  According to Dr. Tom O'Bryan, during his Gluten-Thyroid Connection Interview, the following symptoms are possible:

Anything. Any symptom in your body may be caused by a thyroid dysfunction. Any symptom. Any
system. Any organ because thyroid metabolism controls the temperature or the amount of fire, the
amount of activity of every cell of your body.

What is the Gluten – Thyroid Connection?

Dr. O'Bryan confirms that “43% of people with gluten sensitivity will manifest some type of thyroid dysfunction.”  That means that if you have a non-celiac gluten sensitivity, you have a 43% chance of having a thyroid dysfunction.  And, more importantly, the thyroid dysfunction may be the ONLY manifestation of the gluten sensitivity.

If you have a gluten sensitivity and you are still eating bad gluten – wheat, rye or barley – then that is impacting the metabolic function of your cells by way of your thyroid hormone not being able to bind to receptors on cells.  Not sure if you have a gluten sensitivity…no problem – go check out our informative Gluten Sensitivity Symptoms resource page.

So next time you reach for that whole grain snack or breakfast item, think twice, especially if you must sleep with your socks on! has a wealth of information on Thyroid health

Do you want to learn more about your thyroid?  In easy to understand language that will undoubtedly initiate several “Aha!” moments?  Then the Free Thyroid Sessions online summit is not to be missed.  22 of the leading experts, authors, bloggers, and advocates of thyroid health will be discussing their specific wisdom and insight to all things thyroid.  

Given the prevalence of thyroid health issues, you are bound to have some appreciation for the content, whether for you personally, or for a loved one.

As an example of what to expect during the upcoming 2 week summit, when you register for your “seat” by clicking here, you will be given immediate access to a full length video interview of Dr. Tom O'Bryan discussing the gluten and thyroid connection.  Not only will you be able to view the entire 40-minute video, but you will also be able to download the video, audio and written transcript, or all three formats if you wish.  And, even better, there are 21 more interviews of this caliber awaiting you at the summit.

Hope to see you online at the summit!

After you've viewed the Dr. O'Bryan interview, please come back and leave a comment as to what you thought.  Tell us what your “Aha!” moment was?


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