Rethink Black Friday

When the Holidays are near, what seems to excite most is the anticipation of the deeply discounted shopping events in stores.  What great opportunity to buy the latest gadgets, toys, TVs, clothes, and even more decorations for the following year.  Right?

In the United States, the day after Thanksgiving, otherwise known as Black Friday, has become a symbol of our indulgent and impulsive nature of consumerism.  This is the day where most Americans hit the mall and stores very early in the morning, some people even camp out the night before!  During this time, it's not uncommon to amass numerous shopping bags with many things that aren't really necessary.

I've fallen victim to the Black Friday “lure”.  And, I'm sure you have as well!

But there comes a time, when priorities shift and circumstances require a different perspective and approach.  And the time to rethink Black Friday is NOW because GREEN is the new black!

All this mindless acquisition is not good for our pocketbook, the environment nor our health and wellbeing!  When buying more things, that we may not actually need, we tend to not appreciate the things we have already.  When you sit back and really consider the energy that goes into the process, you might start to question it as well.

Here's a child's perspective on buying a new toy, vs. enjoying a toy you have:

Celebrate “Green Friday” instead!

This year, let's take back Black Friday and celebrate #GreenFriday instead!

But first, here's some insight to what has led to Green Friday.  Our friend, Dr. Pedram Shojai, founder of and BeMore Magazine, has spent almost a million dollars of his own money and 4 years of his life, to produce an outstanding movie called Origins.

It's about personal health meeting planetary health.  It really peels back the covers on why we're all getting sick, and more importantly, what we can each do about it individually.” — Dr. Pedram Shojai

This truly is an inspirational, educational and beautiful movie that will certainly leave you with motivation to assess how your daily actions may be impacting your health, the health of your children and your world!

For a limited time, you can view this movie, in its entirety, for FREE, at no cost. Click here to get your movie ticket.  Make it a date night with your spouse and apply your learnings and inspiration in your family.  It's a perfect way to celebrate Family Friday, perhaps after the kids have gone to sleep?

After the movie, you will have the chance to participate in the summit where the experts from the movie will be interviewed.  Watch the movie this weekend, and get ready to participate in the summit beginning next week.

So what is Green Friday all about?

Green is the new black! #GreenFriday.  Here is an excerpt from the recent BeMore Magazine issue which raises the challenge to you to TAKE BACK BLACK FRIDAY!

“Why do we blindly buy garbage plastic goods for our loved ones? Why do we celebrate the holidays with stampedes at the discount stores?

The whole thing is a symptom of what we've become and we've had enough. Look for the hashtag #GreenFriday this month and next.  USE IT.  Get busy making better decisions about what you buy and please be a part of this important movement.

When purchasing a product, always ask:

  • Does this help better my life or the life of the person I'm gifting it to?
  • Does it harm the environment?
  • Was this product made with integrity (fair trade, no child labor, etc…)?
  • Do we need this?
  • Who am I supporting financially by buying this product?

The issue is, we are the ones supporting the companies fighting us on GMO labeling and environmental issues.  We vote with our money and giving away our money to companies who simply don't care about us or the planet is effectively giving them the power to continue these practices.  Enough.  We're taking it back!”

Will you take the challenge and take back Black Friday?  Will you go through the holidays this year with the #GreenFriday mindset?

Let me know what you are doing in the comments below.  How are you taking back Black Friday?

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