Everything vibrates with energy

Everything, including you, is made up of energy and it is bound together by an energy field. You can power these vibrations with either positive or negative energy. These vibrations can help you BE HEALTHY or be unhealthy.

So, let me teach you how to power your vibrational energy in a positive way. It’s so simple, that you can start now and it will take you 4 minutes.

In the 4 minutes that it takes to listen to the lyrics of the Marky Mark song Good Vibrations from back in 1991, you will increase your vibrational energy and get the positive health benefits from it.

What are the positive health benefits when you are vibrating at a higher frequency:

  • You will have better ability to gauge other's integrity and you will attract more people with integrity into your life;
  • You will feel the need for less control in your life; and
  • You will embody joy!

So, “Come on…Come on”…

Follow these 3 Simple Tips on how you can raise your “Good Vibrations” right NOW!

 1. Listen to music you love

If I was able to put the “Good Vibrations” Marky Mark song in your head, you already started this first one and are already increasing your good vibrations. Yes, it’s that simple. And if you don’t particularly care for that song, just find a song that does get your good vibrations going.

Just as the “Good Vibrations” lyrics say:

“It's such a good vibration,
It's such a sweet sensation.
It's such a good vibration,
It's such a sweet sensation.”

2. Repeat a mantra

For example:

“I am divine love”
“I am divine love”
“I am divine love”

As you read and repeat this you are already believing it and increasing your vibrational frequency.

Just as the “Good Vibrations” lyrics say:

“Yo, it's about that time
To bring forth the rhythm and the rhyme.
I'm a get mine so get yours!”

So get your rhyme and use the mantra above or make up your own. Repeat your own mantra and own it!

“Come on… Come on… It's such a good vibration”

3. Cultivate Compassion

Take a minute to be compassionate in a simple way. When you do this, your vibrational energy increases and your world changes.

Just as the “Good Vibrations” lyrics say:

“Strictly hip hop boy, I ain't singin' this
Bringing this to the entire nation,
Black, white, red, brown,
Feel the vibration
Come on, come on!

Feel it, feel it
Feel the vibration
It's such a good vibration
It's such a sweet sensation
It's such a good vibration

It's such a sweet sensation!”

You begin to feel more compassion and love for others and your life becomes about embracing and sharing joy. Not only will you have this positive and healthy outcome towards others, but your positive and healthy vibrational energy will help YOU love YOU!  And as a result of YOU LOVING YOURSELF more, you will naturally lose weight!  Who doesn't want that natural weight loss result from all of this good vibrational energy?!!

And as a BONUS: take these simple good vibrational energy tips and have fun using them to get ready for your personal Red Carpet moments.  Click here to read about your Red Carpet.  Because in fueling and feeling your Good Vibrations, you will be ready to strut YOUR Red Carpet!

And those are some “Good Sensations” that came out of you increasing your “Good Vibrations”!

Here's a link to Marky Mark's – Good Vibrations Lyrics | MetroLyrics

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