Eat “Conversation Hearts” as a family

Of course I am not talking about the ever so popular Valentine Conversation Hearts Candy that are sadly filled with a multitude of artificial colors, artificial flavors, Sugar, and more and more sugars that are disguised by using names of sugar we may not be familiar with like Dextrose and corn syrup.

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 Here are the “conversation hearts” your family SHOULD be eating!

Heart-shaped Strawberries!

Strawberries have great health benefits.  Strawberries have the highest vitamin C content over any other berry and are great for digestion.  They are also high in fiber and high in antioxidants.

Ella and Lucas' recipe for Mother Nature's “Conversation Hearts”

  • Strawberries
    • Organic would be best because conventional strawberries are highly sprayed with pesticides and have a thin porous skin that absorbs the pesticides. Need our FREE guide for The Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 to know which fruits and vegetables should definitely be bought organic, then click here >>.
  • Cut the top greens in a “V” shape to create the heart
  • Cut strawberry in half
  • Put a toothpick diagonally through the heart to serve as Cupid's love arrow.

Time saving & $ saving tip: Eat the rest of your strawberries with the toothpick  This will the save time and $ needed for washing forks.

Now, sit as a family and one at a time, pass a heart-shaped strawberry (ie. NATURE'S CANDY), to each family member and tell them what you LOVE about them.  Repeat as desired.  The more the better!

You are now having a loving family conversation that will create priceless memories of love and bonding.  The health bonus (ding, ding!) is that love and bonding increases your oxytocin hormone levels in your bodies.  Balanced Hormones = Health and Weight Loss!

Remember to feed your family Mother Nature's “Conversation Hearts” every year and  you will create a Healthy Valentine's Day Family Tradition!

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