The Vitamin aisle can be so frustrating!

Flintstone vitamins…
Disney Princess…
And Bears, OH MY!

How do you chose your kid's multivitamin when there are aisles filled with different brands and health sites filled with multiple options.  With too many options, you just don't know what is best for your growing children?

And what about finding a multivitamin for yourself? Good luck just finding one for your husband and then getting him to actually take it!

You can, and you will be able to, easily decide after you read this article and watch this quick expert interview on the video below.

  • You will learn what to look for in a multivitamin and what to avoid.
  • Plus, we have a solution for those “give it to me now” seekers.

What is the multivitamin solution?

I'm sure you guessed that the solution is not in the children's vitamins I listed above. But, why?

Well, I won't say which one or even if it's all of them, but the first two ingredients in MOST children's multivitamins are: Corn Syrup & Sugar.

That means, SUGAR and MORE SUGAR are the first two ingredients that are hurting your child's immune system instead of helping it.  Did you know that ingredients are listed in descending order by the amount in the product?  So, since sugar makes up the first 2 ingredients listed, that means that sugar makes up most of the vitamin!!!

On this Family Friday, we not only have the solution for a good multivitamin but we found one that will help the whole family get healthier fast!

I say FAST, because there are multivitamins out there that are good, but did you know that even good vitamins compete with each other to get absorbed by your body?  And, as with any competition, and they can't all win, so as a whole, the vitamins just don't work and you fail to get the true positive effect of taking vitamins.

In these cases, you really do flush money down the toilet!

Multivitamins especially for our growing kid's is something we have been researching for a long time. I actually had given up on the research and just thought that since our kid's eat healthy, they are getting all the vitamins from their food.

But, what about when we eat out?

Or what about needing a multivitamin during flu season?

Or what about our everyday-living in our toxic world?

We need a multivitamin!

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Well, a SOLUTION is here! And what you must have in a multivitamin in order for it to work is explained in the quick video below.

In this video, I interviewed Dr. Jayson Calton and Mira Calton, authors of Naked Calories and Rich Food, Poor Food and Founders of Calton Nutrition.  Out of desperation, they created nutreince multivitamins.

Mira was so sick with advanced osteoporosis that her husband, Dr. Jayson Calton, was going to do whatever it took to get the love of his life healthy FAST!

Watch the video and read until the end because Mira and I hit it off at a recent health experts' event and she hooked you up!

As a follower of Family For Health, you get a special coupon and some delicious recipes!!!

Nutreince is a multivitamin that WORKS for the WHOLE FAMILY.

It gets the whole family drinking more water.  Kid's think they are drinking juice and it's without the S-U-G-A-R!

Our kids liked Nutreince.  Lucas liked it more because I don't buy juice and he felt like he was getting a treat and drinking juice.  Ella has never liked drinking juice and this is a little sweet and different for her but she says she likes it as a vitamin and drinks it up with a smile.  Michael and I really liked mixing Nutreince with sparking water.   And, my next step is to mix it in a healthy pudding or popsicles like Mira suggested. Yum…  I'll totally keep you posted on that.

Want to finally buy just 1 multivitamin for the whole family that works?

Click on this exclusive coupon code: $10FamilyForHealth to access your exclusive $10 discount!

You want know what's really cool? can even mix nutreince vitamins in food.  We'll be sharing some special easy recipes with our subscribers.  Be sure to sign up by clicking here to get your recipes.

Please share this multivitamin solution with your family & friends and comment below with a “Kale Yeah” or whatever other word of relief you celebrate with when you find the product you have been looking and end up saving money because you have a sweet coupon code for it!

Don't forget, Click on this exclusive coupon code: $10FamilyForHealth to access your exclusive $10 discount!

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