Does this sound familiar?

You haven't even put a single plate of dinner on the table yet and the kids are asking, “What's for dessert mom?”

Eeek! You either want to pretend you didn't hear or you quickly look/get busy and ignore the question.

You cringe because you don't even want to hear the word dessert because you just don't have the energy to put up a fight against dessert.  And, you realize you don't have enough energy, and you too are thinking about and craving dessert that will give you that sugar boost of energy you need to get you through your evening routine.

So, after dinner, you bust out the fat-free ice cream or rip open the pack of gluten-free cookies after dinner. At least it's “fat free” and “gluten free”. Right?


Do you know that food manufactures do one big tricky thing to make “fat-free” and “gluten free” taste good? They load it up with SUGAR!!! And bottom line, it’s a scientific fact that SUGAR turns into FAT, hurts your brain function and causes illness in your body!

But, that doesn't mean you can never eat dessert.  It just means you need to watch the amount of sugar you are eating, eat it in it's most natural form as possible and eat a dessert portion, AKA a small portion.

How desserts became “MOTHER LOAD” sizes?…I don't know and I don't like that they used the word MOTHER to describe huge!

You see, the more processed the dessert is, including a homemade dessert with just the use of highly processed white sugar, the more damage on your body and that of your little ones.

But, let's BE REAL.  You are not going to give up your dessert.  Life is too short for that!  So, we created a solution for YOU with real dessert sweeteners like fruit, honey, stevia and sometimes maple syrup (grade B is less processed).  And again, we use a little of it and let the REAL FOOD ingredients speak for themselves.

REAL FOOD combining can create a flavorful, decadent and filling dessert!

Those “fat-free”, “gluten-free” desserts with highly processed sugar leave you craving more.

These REAL FOOD based desserts have a REAL FOOD base that is vitamin and nutrient dense to make you fuller faster and keeps you fuller longer.  So a natural byproduct of EATing these desserts is that you will eat less and crave less as you EAT these desserts more!

Our 7-Day Dessert Cookbook is where you can eat less sugar while still having dessert with your kids EVERY night.  You can have this amazing and healthy cookbook for FREE, at no cost to you!  All you have to do is click here to download it.

The recipes in this cookbook have few ingredients and are super simple to make.  So simple, your kids can make them with you, or even by themselves!

In fact, in a few of the recipes, there is a link to a video where our kids show you how easy it is to make!

Don't miss the opportunity tonight to have a delicious dessert with your kids and without any guilt!  Download your 7-day cookbook NOW!

After you try it out, please come back and tell us what you think.  Be sure to share this article with 2 people that you know who love to eat dessert but don't want the sugar impact for themselves or for their kids.

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