A special Mommy Monday on how to feed your family healthier through love.

Today is my husband's birthday and it also happens to be International Coffee Day which is the most appropriate day that my coffee-loving Cuban husband could be born on!

And here is a secret, even if you don't love what they love, just show appreciation for what they love, show interest, pay attention, and just BE Together.  This secret works for you, your husband and even your children.

How does this help you in feeding your family healthier?

It's simple, but has a big impact!

You try time and time again to get your husband and your kids to eat healthier and all you hear is “I don't like that”, “Yuck”, “I hate that”, “Noooo thank you!”

This makes you feel defeated and frustrated.  Then you give up on trying to feed your family healthy food, and even worse, you give up on yourself…It's just too much trouble and you don't have the energy to please everyone.

I hear you!  And guess what?  My husband loves coffee and I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO MAKE A CUP OF COFFEE!  For me, it's tea not coffee.

But, I appreciate what he loves and go on coffee excursions with him visiting third wave specialty coffee shops ALL OVER the place like Portola Coffee Lab, Coffee and Tea Collective, and Bird Rock Coffee Roasters and more!

I even went to a Bulletproof Biohacking Conference that is centered around Bulletproof Coffee .  (By the way, click here for an interview of what bulletproof Coffee is all about.)

Bulletrpoof Coffee, Bulletproof Biohacking Conference
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I don't love it, but my husband does.

You see, Michael is a Cuban that has coffee is his blood.  He was raised by his grandmother serving him cafe con leche (milk with a little bit of espresso) every morning and he has an emotional and cultural tie to coffee.

Making coffee and savoring every little drop of flavor is like a spiritual (mindfulness) ritual for Michael.  So, as his wife, I support him and our children see that I am with him and I am appreciating the things he loves, like coffee.  The kids even come along for the ride and our six year old knows how to make (not drink 😉 espresso.  Like Father – Like Son.

This appreciation for what your family loves can translate into your daily life.  It can get your family to eat healthier!

The “Yuck! That's gross” comments are no longer said.  Why? Because your kid's won't hear it from you anymore.

You are your child's biggest role model and every time you say, “Ug, I can't stand that.” they hear you and they will copy you.

Your positive appreciation for what others love turns into a positive energy, curiosity and a motivation to try new things.  Like Kale for example!

And to get your family to eat healthier foods, like Kale, just present it in the way that you would present something you love.  You would present something you love all the time, in anyway you possibly could and at it's best!  Like that cup of coffee with the latte art on it.

How many times have you posted that on Instagram? Or how many times have you posted a picture of a gourmet meal you just tried because you LOVED it so much?

Do that with Kale or any other healthy food.  Heres's some examples on how to present Kale in a different light to your family:

You get the idea with all the adjectives.  It's the same simple real healthy food, KALE, and when it's organic, fresh and local, it tastes even better and you can simply present it in many different ways to make it more attractive.

Just by presenting healthy foods in many different ways, many different times and without force, this will help your family appreciate them more, and they will even begin to love eating more healthy foods.

Share this simple secret for getting your family to eat healthier and let us know how your positive appreciation for the healthy foods you love or don't love has rubbed off onto your family.  We would love to hear!  And in sharing what you did, you are “paying it forward in health” to other families in our community.

Happy Birthday to my love, Michael, that made me a Mommy!  And who has given me an appreciation and a like for coffee.

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