The end of the school year is here!

And with your last school pick up, you realize how much you need to tap into your energy to help you get through it.

Your kids are bouncing off the walls of the car as they too can feel the end of the school year, but they have a completely opposite reaction to your exhaustion…

Your kids are HYYYYYPER!!!

And just as your kids are testing the limits of classroom behavior with their teacher because they know they will be long gone and promoted from their grade, your kids are pushing your buttons too!

Report cards are out and  you want a treat your kids and reward them with something.  That something quickly turns into ice cream because it's hot and the school year has worn out your willpower so much that a chocolate ice cream sugar pick me up sounds heavenly.

Do you need to whip up some energy today???

Try this NEW Recipe as a low sugar (if you count the banana) 3 o'clock pick me up!  It can serve as a healthy but delicious treat or as a guilt free, energy boosting dessert or you can even have it as a healthy breakfast.

Your whole family can enjoy this treat anytime and your gluten sensitive child can slurp it up and have their tummy feel good after too!

Chocolate Chip Whip


⇒ Get your Chocolate!

Cacao powder is a superfood and one of the most antioxidant-rich foods on the planet. Cacao is HEALTHY CHOCOLATE!  It's Yummy and good for your Tummy, especially when used with collagen like in this recipe.

Cacao contains fiber, antioxidants and a number of vital minerals like magnesium and iron.

Cacao Nibs are “nature's chocolate chips” without the sugar! Crunchy cacao nibs provide pure chocolate flavor and crunch while being a rich source of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fiber.

All of the superfoods I used in this recipe are from Navitas Naturals.

⇒ Go Bananas!

The banana in this recipe is the natural sweetener for this smoothie.  Bananas have been used to settle upset stomachs over the centuries and contains 467 mg of potassium, which is important for controlling your heart rate and blood pressure.

Remember, fiber found in these real food ingredients is the key to keeping your digestive system regulated.   And the magnesium helps strengthen your bones and protects your  heart.

Better bellies, stronger bones and healthy hearts is what your family can enjoy from eating this ice cold treat!


So you don't need that bowl of sugar overload ice cream or that bowl of fake fiber-filled, gluten-filled cereal with tummy-upsetting sugar and dairy that only sucks the energy out of your day.  You've got this  new and healthy recipe now.

⇒ CooCoo for Coconut!

When you feel like you're so exhausted and you've gone coocoo, coconut milk can help!

Coconut milk Provides Electrolytes and Prevents Fatigue

“Although coconut water is a higher source of electrolytes, coconut milk also provides important minerals needed to maintain blood volume, regulate heart health, and prevent dehydration or diarrhea. Especially in very hot weather, following exercise or after being sick, electrolytes help prevent exhaustion, heat strokes, heart problems, muscle aches or cramps, and low immunity”. —Dr. Josh Axe

⇒ Whip it up!

Collagen protein helps “whip” this smoothie into a frothy treat without the dairy or sugar so you can have this as a healthy summer treat or even as a healthy breakfast when you blend it in your Vitamix or high powered blender.

Collagen helps improve leaky gut and supports digestion. That means a flatter tummy for you and a Healthier Tummy for your gluten sensitive child.

Leaky gut causes foods your child is sensitive, intolerant and/or allergic to to leak into their blood steam and cause inflammation and allergic reactions.

The less “leaks” in their gut so to speak, the less foods that can leak into their bloodstream and cause skin rashes, eczema, dry coughs, wheezing, upset stomach aches, or whatever food intolerances and food allergy reactions your child experiences.

And as a bonus for parents, collagen protein helps boost metabolism, tone and tighten your skin and helps muscle toning and recovery after workouts.  Collagen is nicknamed “Nature's Botox“.

Collagen can also support healthy levels of inflammation because it is dairy free even though it comes from grass fed pasture raised cows because it's just the collagen from cows and contains no dairy. We buy ours online either from Dr. Axe or BulletProof Collagen Protein.

And if you're local, BulletProof will be opening their very 1st store in Santa Monica, CA.  We can't wait to make some visits there because we follow most of the BulletProof Diet principles and have become friends with The BulletProof Exec who is also a fellow “healthy family man“.

Don't give up ice cold sweet treats!

Isn't it amazing what swapping an ice cream stop for this allergy free, gluten free chocolate chip whip smoothie can do for your child with food intolerances and gluten sensitivities all while the whole family enjoys a healthy ice cold treat together all while you take a dose of “nature's botox”??!!

Don't forget to double or triple this recipe as needed and get a super healthy icy treat done in 5 minutes or less without any stress.

Oh, and the Super BONUS Superfood Ingredient is “MACA” for MAMA and Daddy too.

Maca is a natural energy boosting superfood that helps balance hormones.  It's rich in B vitamins which are the energy vitamins.  It's like re-energizing yourself with a coffee boost without the caffeine.  As a matter of fact, it even has this given nickname to help supercharge your marriage!

Share this recipe and your family friends will thank you for being so SWEET!!  Think of 2 people that you know that would really appreciate a healthy, sweet and indulgent treat without all the stress that comes from eating sweets!

Want more sweet treats without the sugar, gluten or dairy?  Get your sweet copy NOW by clicking here or on the image below!

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