Throwing tomatoes!

I can't wait to share with you why we're throwing tomatoes at a virtual party today and you're invited!

I never got the old concept of “throwing tomatoes at actors on a stage”.

How mean is that?  And what a waste of food!  But, I still think you're better off throwing tomatoes.

Just out of curiosity though, I Googled it and found that:

Pelting unlucky victims with rotten produce is one of our oldest forms of expression, older even than tomato cultivation. Rotten tomatoes are often associated with Shakespeare's Globe Theater in Elizabethan London, but in actuality, tomatoes were still uncommon and weren't even mentioned in the first English cookbook until 1752, nearly 150 years later.

That's a Google search that made me feel better.

Even though tomatoes weren't really thrown at actors, you're probably like me and you still throw tomatoes (into the trash) more than you would like.

Don't your tomatoes go bad, or they were never even good or ripe enough to begin with so you have to throw them out?

That happens to me too!

I've actually been throwing out tomatoes ever since I was a child, my mom said I could and you might want to tell your kid's to throw out tomatoes too.

So why throw tomatoes?

Well, I used to throw tomatoes into the trash at lunch almost every single day as a child.

I just didn't like the taste or texture of tomatoes.  Unless they were disguised as ketchup or pasta sauce.  And when my mom tried to explain that ketchup and pasta sauce were made out of tomatoes, I just wouldn't hear it.

I couldn't believe that something so good (ketchup and pasta sauce) could ever be made from the food I hated so much (tomatoes).

Finally, my mom gave up and said I could throw my school lunch tomatoes away.

My mom gave in because I would cry and complain that the nuns at my Catholic school (God bless them) would make me eat my veggies on my cafeteria food tray.  Whaa… because that meant eating the yucky tomatoes.

I totally get where the nuns were coming from.  They just wanted to see children eat their veggies and stop wasting food.  But pressuring children to eat something they just don't like is never gonna work.  Right?  I think you're like me and see it doesn't work with your kids.

Instead, my mom gave me permission to lie to nuns! (Gasp!)

Yes, I was allowed to tell the nuns that “My mom said I'm allergic to tomatoes”.  And then I didn't have to eat them and I was allowed to throw tomatoes away.

The point of this story is not to emphasize that nuns are strict,  I totally think nuns are fun! I have two aunts that are nuns and they are a hoot!  I went to Catholic school all my life – Kindergarten through University and I'm proud of it.

But, anyone who forces kids to eat food they don't like is just not gonna win.

Their tastebuds will change!

But, there is hope.  Be patient.  And keep trying to introduce new vegetables to your children because their tastebuds will change.

Mine did and I LOVE tomatoes now.

Yes, it takes approximately 10 tries for your child to like a new food.

But it also only takes 10 days for your taste buds to change.

So, keep trying to help your kids eat more veggies by presenting veggie to them in different ways with different cooking methods and with different recipes.  And BAM!  One day they'll love that veggie.

Keep it Casual.

So if not pressuring your kid's to eat veggies is the key to having them eat more veggies.  The next question for me was how am I going to buy, store and cook veggies so that the kids and the whole family will like them?

I found the answers here and my blogger friends and I are making it a party to share these tips plus recipes with you!

“The Casual Veggie” Cookbook Launch Party!

I'm honored and excited {squeal!} to be a part of an amazing collaborative cookbook called, “The Casual Veggie” because I now get to share it with YOU!

This book can serve as your go-to reference book for:

how to buy the freshest veggies

how to store those veggies so that they don't go bad before you can use them

and how to cook with those veggies so that you and your family actually eat them, enjoy them and you no longer have to throw veggies away anymore.

I know you're probably as excited as I am to get these veggie tips.  But, think of this as a pre-party where I'm happy to introduce you to my fellow hosts of “The Casual Veggie Cookbook” Launch Party and you're already on the special invite list, so you won't miss any of The Casual Veggie fun!


In honor of celebrating veggies and collaborating with over 45 other amazing food bloggers to create this incredible resource and cookbook, I want you to meet the other hosts of The Casual Veggie Launch Party! #TheCasualVeggie

Read their Pre-Party Veggie stories and SIGN UP HERE so that you can be the first to know when the book officially comes out!

Now on to the party hopping fun!

Meet your party hosts:

I'm so glad you're here to “veggie party” together with us!  See you at the next partay!! #TheCasualVeggie

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